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First time back from India, in 2020, I was projecting energy all around me, the playful type of energy, inviting everyone to step on the mat and reconnect with themselves in a jovial way. My yoga master’s advice was to teach as much as possible and spread that vibrant energy.

Elephantyogi concept has been born from the energy of my early practice, when I felt clumsy and playful but determined and dedicated.

Time has passed, and second time back from India, in 2022, I got a new direction, one where I was no longer only an asana teacher, but a meditation guide, a guide that was holding space for people to tap into their inner space and seek within themselves that higher connection.

Two years later, I am one step away to finish the 3rd teacher training, this time a different tradition, one that had a special and powerful effect on me since the begining of my yoga journey, and that is Kundalini yoga.

Energy has changed, perspective has changed, I have changed.

The energy put in Elephantyogi studio has grew and it is now manifested through Kundalini Yoga Experience, the class concept I will make available soon and will allow me to channel to you the teachings of Kundalini yoga tradition.

“In Kundalini yoga the most important thing is your experience. It goes right to your heart. No words can replace that experience.” (Yogi Bhajan)

Kundalini Yoga Experience is not just a kundalini yoga class, it is the experience of aligning all facets of your being so you feel good in your body, balanced in your thoughts and emotions and at peace with your true Self.

Meet me on the mat.