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The principle behind sound therapy, known as sound healing, is that the entire Universe and everything that exists, all matter is actually energy and has its own vibration.

Therefore, man too, every organ, tissue, cell vibrates with a certain frequency. The vibration of each person is influenced by the lifestyle, respectively by what we receive as information through the senses (sounds, images, food, etc.), but also by what we think or do.

Nowadays the input of information is overwhelming, and this information does not always have a positive impact on us, but on the contrary, it contributes to lowering the frequency of our personal vibration, creating an environment conducive to the appearance of diseases.

Various scientists, psychologists and psychiatrists have measured the vibration of emotions to show how a person’s vibration decreases or increases depending on the emotions they experience, or how the level of stress influences the vibration of the body and predisposes it to disease.

According to the theory of David Hawkins, renowned psychiatrist, doctor, spiritual teacher and lecturer, shame and guilt have the lowest vibrational frequency, at the opposite pole are bliss and peace.

Sound therapy / Sound healing uses the vibration transmitted by the sound of various instruments to increase the vibrational frequency and restore the balance inside and implicitly calm the nervous system.

Some of the benefits of sound healing practice:

  • induces a deep state of relaxation,
  • harmonizes the activity of the cerebral hemispheres,
  • brings mental clarity,
  • reduces the feeling of fatigue and emotional load,
  • reduces anxiety,
  • facilitates the practice of meditation.

Valentina guides meditation sessions supported by the sound of Tibetan bowls, which are based on the principle of Brain Wave Relaxation. Basically, the vibration of the Tibetan bowls harmonizes the frequency at the brain level allowing you to access deep states of relaxation such as alpha or theta. In the Kundalini Yoga Experience, Valentina uses the bowls to create the perfect space for a deep relaxation that facilitates the practice of meditation.